Stone Carving

Our team produces sculptural and architectural carving of the highest standard, from concept design through to installation.

Our expert knowledge of the material and processes allow us to identify, source and work with any natural stone, on any scale and in any context.

Our passion for carving sculpture and architectural detail drives us to create the work that we do.

We are privileged to have our work installed in some of England’s finest properties, and have created sculpture that has been exhibited all around the world.

Every project we embark on is unique and diverse, from Medieval, Romanesque, High Gothic and Neo Classical restoration carving to contemporary, abstract and figurative sculpture.

Deep understanding and sympathy for the style and context of every project on which we work is critical to its success.

London Stone Carving team members have been involved in several high profile projects requiring this kind of sympathetic interpretation of historic styles and contemporary styles:

Our new gargoyles for Ripon Cathedral in (2015) and grotesques for St Georges Chapel, Windsor (2004 -2017) recently won commendations at the Natural Stone Awards.

These project briefs required the design of new sculptures in the spirit of the building’s historic period, which conveyed the intent of the original carvers, but were original pieces in their own right with contemporary themes and context rather than pastiches of the ancient originals.

Creating original sculpture for such prestigious sites is both a privilege and a responsibility, with our work becoming part of the cultural and historic fabric of our nation.

We are also proud to have worked for some of our nation’s most well known contemporary sculptors and artists in the fabrication of sculptural stone works.

Case studies


Kew Observatory Boathouse

Strawberry Hill: Stone Carving and Restoration

Strawberry Hill

Conch Fountain

Josh Locksmith

Strawberry Hill Vaulted Ceiling

Historic restoration

Soane Roses

Pitzhanger Manor Restoration