'Grandfather' portrait bust

Daubentons Bat Gargoyle

A new Gargoyle for Ripon Cathedral

Jacob and the Angel

Carved Onyx

Barnardo’s charity memorial sculpture

Public Memorial Sculpture

Alabaster sculptures for Margueritte Humeau

Art Fabrication

Swami Vivekananda Statue

Portland Stone Statue for Harrow Arts Centre

Brick Carving

Draycott House - Chelsea

Monumental Lion Sculpture

Portland stone Lion

Bittern Finials

Bird Sculpture

Gothic Sundial

Blease Hall in Kendall

Queen’s Barge

The Royal Barge - Diamond Jubliee

Shakespeare Statue

William Shakespeare Statue - Leicester Square

Soane Roses

Pitzhanger Manor Restoration

Strawberry Hill: Stone Carving and Restoration

Strawberry Hill


Kew Observatory Boathouse

Conch Fountain

Josh Locksmith

Strawberry Hill Vaulted Ceiling

Historic restoration