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Stone Carving

From Quarry Block to Gargoyle or Capital, our expert knowledge allows us to identify, source and sculpt from any natural Stone, producing work with permanence and gravity.

Our team has worked work on some of England’s finest buildings; from Romanesque churches and royal palaces to Gothic Revival Manors.

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Commissioning Sculpture

Our team produces sculptural and ornamental works which pay expert attention to form, detail and context. We welcome technically challenging and unique projects which employ our diverse specialist skills, working closely with our clients to create striking and exceptional sculptural works.

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Lettering and Memorial sculpture

Our Craftsmen are expert drafts-men; drawing letter forms by hand to be carved for sundials, memorials, headstones, commemorative plaques and sculptural pieces. Every letter is hand carved using the traditional method; the eye, hand and chisel empowering each letter-form.

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In the UK we are fortunate to have thousands of listed public and private buildings and monuments of national significance.

Our training and experience enables us to carry out restoration and conservation work with the utmost sensitivity. With numerous qualifications in conservation and a broad knowledge of the field, we can advise on appropriate actions to ensure our rich cultural heritage is preserved for future generations.

Our restoration services

A multi award winning team of classically trained stone carvers, sculptors and masons with over four decades experience working stone.

With workshops based in central London and the South West of England we can provide a complete range of architectural and sculptural stone work.

We focus our expert attention on material, form, detail and historical context to produce work of the highest grade.

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Case studies

Soane Roses

Pitzhanger Manor Restoration

Strawberry Hill: Stone Carving and Restoration

Strawberry Hill


Kew Observatory Boathouse

Daubentons Bat Gargoyle

A new Gargoyle for Ripon Cathedral

Jacob and the Angel

Carved Onyx